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Investment Criteria

Twin Cities Angels invests in regional companies with the potential to rapidly scale into market and financial leadership. This usually implies potential for high growth, a strong market position, and a unique and sustainable advantage. Specifically, members look for:

  • A compelling, well articulated strategy for capturing and defending a significant market share
  • Proprietary technology or a unique and proprietary product or design or other strong barriers to entry
  • A significant national and/or international market opportunity
  • An experienced management team (not necessarily a complete team) with relevant and successful experience, or the presence of dedicated, visionary and motivated founders
  • The likelihood of relatively rapid commercialization and profitability
  • The opportunity to become a leader in its market
  • Shared values
  • Initial capital previously raised from founders, friends or grants
  • The existence of a clear exit strategy, preferably within a maximum of five years
  • A desire for advice and coaching from Twin Cities Angels membership
  • A technology or business model that the market wants and that will positively impact people's lives
  • Twin Cities Angels expects to have a Board seat and an observer role on the Board of Directors, post investment
  • Lastly, the company valuation must fit within our risk/reward expectations for the investment.

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